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Pest management in Dubbo and surrounding areas

We can deal with any pest or bug problem

As a leading provider of termite control, rodent and pest management in Dubbo, we have worked on every kind of bug problem. Whether you're looking to protect your family from household pests, or to protect your home from the destruction termites can cause, Inland Pest Management can help.

Purchasing a new home or already own one? Our inspectors can detect termites, borers, timber rot and moisture problems, saving you money and time.

Inland Pest Management is committed to providing a safe, reliable and cost-effective termite control and prevention service. For complete pest control services that will help you rest easy, speak to Inland Pest Management. Contact us today to arrange a quote or estimate.


Does your business have a pest management problem? From a small restaurant to a factory in Dubbo or nearby, we can help. Need large-scale rodent bait station installation and monitoring with easy to understand reports? We can detect and treat large areas and set up monitoring stations for future detection before major outbreaks occur. Pest Birds can have a big impact on any business - we can provide bird netting, bird spikes, bird scarers and more. With our expertise in pest management, your pest problems will be a thing of the past!

About us

The highest priority with our Dubbo-based termite control service is safety. We believe that it's possible to provide a sound and thorough service that doesn't put your family at risk. Aside from providing safe, quality service, we are also highly committed to providing cost-effective pest and rodent control solutions. Contact us today; you will find our rates both reasonable and competitive.

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