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Termite Inspections
Termites can be a significant threat to your home, where they can attack building, door, and window frames, wall sheeting and skirtings. If you are buying a new home, or are concerned about the condition of your existing house, Inland Pest can undertake a comprehensive inspection to determine if you have a problem.
Our work is undertaken to Australian Standard 3660, where we check the interior of you home, any accessible roof voids and sub-floor areas as well as your yard, and we will supply you with a written report of the results.

Termite Treatments
If you have a termite problem in your home or workplace, we offer treatment with the Exterra™ termite baiting system. With this method of control, we place baits on the active infestation, which the termites carry back to their nest, leading to the destruction of the colony. The bait used contains Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) which is not toxic to humans, offering a greater level of safety to your family. We also install monitoring stations in the soil around an infested building to ensure a higher standard of effectiveness.

New Building Termite Prevention
If you are building a new home or extending your existing one, we are able to protect your asset to prevent an infestation and damage. We supply and install the Kordon® Termite Barrier from Bayer, which actively repels termites and comes with a 10 year warranty.



Are a common household problem which can be difficult for the home owner to control. We are able to use a selection of sprays, powders, and gels which target cockroaches in the areas they hide, and minimising the exposure to people in the home


Spiders & Insects

Spiders and insects can be an annoyance and hazard around the home, and a health and safety issue in the workplace. We offer a safe and effective service which gives rapid relief from spider infestation. In a typical service to a home we will treat the exterior of the house, the interior behind furniture, around door and window frames, along skirtings and cornice, and other areas where spiders may nest. We also treat any roof voids as these are a major spider breeding area. Also included would be any out buildings such as a garage or garden shed and yard fencing. 



Pets can be great friends, but they can bring other unwanted mates with them into your yard or home. Fleas in your carpet or lawn can make you and your animals uncomfortable. Inland pest can undertake a comprehensive treatment of your yard, pets bedding, and home, to control these pests.


Bed Bugs

With the increase in travel, the number of beg bug infestations has been increasing. If you have been having difficulty sleeping due to insect bites in bed, or seen dark spots around the edge of you mattress, call us to diagnose and treat this difficult to control problem.



Ants frequently invade our homes and yards and may be a persistent problem. We are able to use a range of gels, baits, sprays and powders to give householders and business the most effective combination of treatments to control this problem.


Carpet Beetle, Moths and Sliverfish

These insects can inflict significant and expensive damage to you clothing, furniture and carpets. If you see damage developing to these fibre products, such as carpet disintegrating along walls or around furniture, please call to arrange a thorough treatment.


Stored Product Pests

Insects can invade and destroy food stored in your home or business. When established, these can be difficult to eradicate, and can continue to destroy food stored in your pantry. Through the use of traps and sprays, as well as a through inspection, we can manage the control of this problem



Rats and mice can contaminate food and food preparation areas, and spread diseases such as leptospirosis and dysentery. They can also damage furnishings and household fittings such as electrical wiring, leading to a fire hazard. We offer an integrated approach to the control these pests in the home or workplace.
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